For centuries Cork has been the ideal material for preserving wine...and there's a reason for that. Cork performs extremely well under pressure and doesn’t break under abuse. It’s been called nature’s nearly perfect product. We found the same to be true in our products.


Cork Supply Co started out of a passion for premium accessories made with high quality, recycled cork. We set out to bring life to this often overlooked material by combining classic design with a sustainable material.


Our products will always be crafted with the world’s highest quality, recycled cork. We take pride in bringing authentic products to market while ensuring our customers have an incredible experience.


The production process of Cork material is like no other—90% of the world’s cork is in Portugal where it is grown on the barks of trees that live for over 150 years but can only be harvested once every nine. When the cork bark is pulled from trees, the tree is unharmed through a process that has been passed on for centuries.

High quality wine corks are then punched out through the bark, leaving leftover cork material in the process that suppliers often trash. That’s where Cork Supply Co comes in—we take the material that would otherwise be leftover and create premium accessories from it. The same cork that you find in our products could be found in the world’s highest quality wines.

As a business we strive to do what we can to give back. That’s why we’ve taken the extra step to partner with the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance, a nonprofit organization raising awareness about the facts surrounding cork. As we both attest, Cork is a 100% natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material that is obtained through an environmentally friendly harvesting process. Every Cork Supply Co product purchased comes with a special message from our friends, detailing why popping a cork can save a tree!.



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